It's that time again! 2022 SAWGA memberships are up for renewal. You will find the application and a schedule of tournament dates below. The Monday/Wednesday dates may be subject to change.  *Current members, please return your form and dues by Feb 11th to avoid having your GHIN membership deactivated.  

Prospective member?  WELCOME to the BEST Womens' golf association in the state!   

2022 Executive Committee 
Please address any questions to
  • President - Kathy Colley
  • Vice-President - Grace Cummins
  • Treasurer - Sue Chambers
  • Secretary - Deb Gorenz
  • Tournament Chair - Kathy Morrow
  • Handicap Chair - Sharon Newell
  • Weekday Tournament Chair - Sue Dewalt

2021 Club Championship-- Samantha Surette, Gross Champ- Kathy Janke, Net Champ

Printable Tournament Schedule

must be 2022 member to enter tournaments
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2022 SAWGA Weekend Tournament Dates
February 19th
March 12th
April 2-3          (Eclectic)
May 7th
June 4th            (Guest Day)
July 23rd
Aug 20 & 21      (Club Championship)
Sept 24th
Oct 29th
Nov 12th

2022 SAWGA Weekday tournament dates

March 2nd (Wednesday)
March 21st (Monday)
April 11th (Monday)
April 20th (Wednesday)
May 2nd (Monday)
May 18th (Wednesday)
June 6th (Monday)
June 22nd (Wednesday)
July 6th (Wednesday)
July 18th (Monday)
August 8th (Monday)
August 24th (Wednesday)
September 21st (Wednesday)
September 26th, (Monday)
October 5th (Wednesday)
October 17th (Monday)